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Our approach to people development

We ask that you own your learning and development, creating opportunities and relationships that’ll help you thrive. However, we’re there to support you and are always looking to evolve and enhance the learning and development opportunities we offer.

In addition to our centrally delivered learning and development offering, your department is there to support your development, and there are always opportunities for you to get involved in exciting, impactful cross-organisation projects.

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our learning culture further, so you can look forward to more opportunities to grow.

Our learning and development offer

We offer a range of core development topics to support you to bring your best self to work and particularly focused on developing and demonstrating the IET behaviours in your day-to-day role. 

The Core Offer focuses on skills such as presenting and influencing effectively; ensuring that all of our people can have great conversations and build great relationships through understanding not just the frameworks and tools available but also emotional intelligence and how to work smarter, rather than harder; and workshops that address our approach to performance management. 

We have also recently launched a suite of workshops for managers focusing on having effective conversations to motivate, develop and inspire performance in others.

Core Offer Courses

  • Crucial conversations 
  • Flexible objectives in times of change
  • Agreeing on powerful objectives
  • Focus on feedback
  • Influencing skills
  • Presenting with impact
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Exploring emotional intelligence
  • Your future your career
  • Networking in action
  • Developing self-awareness


What our colleagues had to say

Did you know?

We supported nearly 200 colleagues with their development through the Core Offer alone during the last 12 months. We didn’t let the pandemic slow us down, since April 2020 we have held 55 virtual Core Offer workshops to support our colleagues with continuing their development

They're rated highly too!

  • 97% said’ the learning left me feeling motivated to practice and use the things I learnt’
  • 94% are ‘confident I will improve at work if I apply the things I have learnt’
  • 78% Rated the topic and the workshop as 8+ out of 10

'The workshop was really well structured and included plenty of relevant interaction by participants.  The breakout groups on Zoom meant we could work in smaller groups and allowed us time to share our thoughts and ideas'

“This workshop has provided me with very practical tips and techniques on how to improve verbal as well as non-verbal communication, minimise the impact of nerves and prepare more effectively for formal or informal presentations. The course is engaging and highly interactive, even when attended remotely.”

“A good thought-provoking course as well as new skills to take forward. Not only did the course make you think of different scenarios but also to identify and discuss actual meetings and conversations we had been involved in and how we would now look and think differently”

“The workshop was extremely useful to me.  It has given me useful frameworks and techniques which I can use to plan how I could approach challenging or sensitive conversations with my team in order to make the conversations beneficial and have a positive outcome.  I would recommend this course to anyone who has recently moved into a new line management role.”