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What if no two workdays were ever the same?

Bob Harwood works as Creative Supervisor for; a platform of engaging and inspiring video content focused on engineering and technology.

A department within the IET’s Knowledge Services division, works closely with staff across the organisation to create content that champions the IET’s mission to inspire, inform and influence.

“What I have with the IET is the ability to be creative – I’m not held back in any shape or form.”

“ is an internal service to the organisation. If I’m honest I don’t think there are many people at the IET I haven’t worked with over the last ten years,” he enthuses.

Bob first joined the IET as a freelance cameraman and has worked his way up the ranks. He believes his journey has helped him learn more about telling a great story and put him in good stead to oversee the creative side of video development.

“My knowledge of filming, production and storytelling has grown over the years and I’ve learned the best ways to create compelling and engaging content.”

No two days are the same

As a creative supervisor, Bob is involved throughout the process of making a video.  His work begins by meeting with internal clients to discuss their needs and ends with the post-production editing team to ensure that the video achieves everything the client wants.

“One day I might be putting together concepts, another time I might be on location shooting or directing. Once we’ve got the content, you might find me editing; I’m there throughout the process,” he explains.

This variety is one of the things Bob enjoys about the work.

“It’s incredibly varied, creative and just heaps of fun,” he enthuses. “There’s no ‘day-to-day’ in what I do. For example, we’re currently focusing on video content for the Young Woman Engineer (YWE) of the Year awards and so last week I researched the finalists and put together storyboards of different video shoots I’ve fleshed out. This week I’m meeting with our senior camera operative and post-production lead to discuss ideas and plan filming locations. Then, over the next few weeks, we’ll hit the road and spend a couple of days filming each finalist.

“I’m always juggling several jobs, so at the same time I’m also working closely with the IET’s Education department to help develop this year’s Santa loves STEM animated video, coaching several upcoming interviewees and putting together the title sequence for the President’s address. I never get bored!” 

The freedom to be creative

The thing Bob loves the most about his job is that he’s given the freedom to be as creative as he likes. 

“What I have with the IET is the ability to be creative; I’m not held back in any shape or form. I mean come on – our vision of promoting engineering using pyrotechnics and explosions whilst 6 female engineers had a pillow fight was definitely a first for the IET! This was the #SmashStereotypesToBits campaign, which ended up as a finalist in several awards.

“I get to do so many varied things with different departments – and this has evolved over the years. When was first conceived, its focus was on filming presentations but having had the opportunity to analyse our content, we've begun to develop different formats. Now we do talking heads, hot topic and campaign videos, as well as documentaries. 

“I have this place where I’m trusted be incredibly creative with so many different people. Every day is a different experience or a different person I’ll be working with.” 

Finally, there’s also the sheer pride he gets from his work. 

“When I’m working on a project from start to finish, I see the positive impact it has on those involved, as well as those it is done for. I’m really proud of the work I do,” Bob says.   

“ is a beautiful thing for the organisation to have as a resource. The amount of video we create just wouldn’t be financially viable if it was done externally. We’re able to help colleagues work towards the IET’s vision of engineering a better world. I don’t know of any other charities or non-profits that have this resource and I’m proud to be a part of this work”.